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Saturday, 22 January 2011

You are powerful even if you don’t feel it or realise it! Why?

Whatever stage of life you might be at  i feel it is important to remember how you became into being in the first place. We are here due to the choices made by our ancestors. Without the choices made by who has gone before any present generation would not exist. By recognising this fact hopefully any future choices you make will be done so with more careful thought. Consider this; to create you it has taking two people making choices regardless of whether they are still around. Their efforts have brought you to this moment in time. Regardless of how you might feel about your life at present it would be selfish not to appreciate the effort many have taken to allow you to exist in the first place. Your ancestors have probably survived wars, famine, droughts and any number of bad events but through it all your family line still exists to this day. Even if you yourself is not continuing your family i expect you have a relative or have a partner who has a relative that is. If this is the case it is it is only right that you take a interest and help them towards their future. Would you really want to all that past effort of bringing you to where you are now to be wasted without passing something of what you have learned on to someone who could use it?
You could do nothing but what a waste of thousands of years of effort by people fighting to survive long enough to bring the next generation into being.

Be aware watch the news, question it, research it embrace modern culture don’t just open yourself up to observe the bad things going on take a interest in the new things coming to light. Learn about art listen to modern music all this provide an insight into the times! a lot of the best ideas come from creative inspiration. Observing the current new art gives insights to possible events and helps you to make choices that you might have to make in the future. Not pushing yourself and exploring new things will leave you in a cycle of routine that will never expand beyond what has gone before. You will be left reflecting on the past with inability to function in a world that has grown up around you, which I’m afraid will just leave you a burden for someone else to carry.

If you personally feel you don’t have a purpose or nothing to work towards give meaning to your life by aiding a relative to achieve theirs. From all the current problems facing the world today i think by taking this small positive action will go a long way to improve things. Wake up to the fact that you are the end of a very long line of people who help build the world around you today and it’s your responsibility to build on it for the better.

Live healthier lives if you keep eating the crap they will keep making it, make informed choices on what you eat. Exorcise preferable in the countryside jogging down traffic crammed road for example will do nothing apart from pollute your body quicker with toxins from the fumes. If you don’t exorcise fine just remember doctors are able to keep you alive far longer with drugs. You will become dependent and reliant on other people and you will probably end up swearing because you dropped the remote and can’t bend over to get it.

You are powerful even if you don’t feel it or realise it! Why? Because it has taken thousands if not millions of years to make you! If a average life span up until now was around 70 years of age that means its likely that more people than the population of your country maybe even the world have made chocies and aided in the making of you, So please please don’t let all that effort go to waste!

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