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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Bus shelter quintessential village life

Parks, Activity centres & sport halls are all a pointless waste of council tax payer’s money. Instead all a Village needs is a bus shelter, two if the budget allows one at each end of a village. A well place and well built bus shelter dose wonders for the bonding of a community in a village along with also aiding in increasing village population. I expect this is one of the reasons a third shelter was never put in place due to the risk the Village might end up being reclassified as a town.  Sadly a new breed seems to be taking over the nearest Bus shelter to myself; in fact it may even be an entirely new species!  They are certainly nocturnal, Language skills don’t seem to be fully developed yet but they do seem to communicate quite well with hand signals.
Mating rituals can often be seen in and around the bushes along with a particular favourite spot the roundabout, much to the shock of many late night car drivers. If your headlights do happen to fall upon a prancing male or a couple in the throes of courtship just dip your head lights and take the roundabout at a slightly wider angel than you would normally  under no circumstances slow down or use your horn, this can sometimes provoke a flurry of hand gestures and a sight you wouldn't want your passengers to see.

Please drive carefully through our Village!

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