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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Being Human???

I’ve always wondered that if we evolved from lesser species why we don't see evidence of it still happening today. After all if we are indeed top of the evolutionary ladder then it stands to reason that our closes cousins should show signs of evolving into humans as well. As there habitat reduces and they have to adapt to the ever changing environment and along with the close quarters of human civilization surly they would start to mirror our behaviour and start more and more to become like us. But then why would our closet cousins exists at all surely they being here before us and faced with the environmental changes of the past would have put them all on the same path to becoming human. Why would any of them still be around surely they would have all evolved. There is of course the possibility as is evident in the Sumerian belief system that we came about due to a advance race creating us by mixing their DNA with the most advance species on this planet at that time to create us. That would help to explain why there are still some of our closest cousins left as only so many would have had the new altered DNA.

If this was the case wouldn’t we have a native Earth species that was naturally evolving at the proper pace and us steam rolling ahead. At some point though our not so modified cousin would start to catch up, they would evolve unaided apart from from they have witnessed of us into the natural earth Humanoid and not some Hodge podge variety that we are today. Is It then maybe we will get a chance to see what parts of us have been inherited from elsewhere. Just a thought!


Bronx Zoo female Gorilla that prefers to walk upright.There are only about 700 Gorillas left on earth due to deforestation and poaching they may soon be extinct.


  1. You're right, over time our primal cousins would evolve to become more human like, given that their environment was the exact same and the problems that gave rise to our own evolutionary traits were also present. As it stands, most of those problems no longer exist, so they may even evolve to be ahead of us.
    Evolution is a long enough process that it cannot be observed directly, which is why it is still called the 'Theory of Evolution' despite the evidence.
    The reason we do not see our super close genetic cousin, more commonly known as the 'missing link' is unknown. The current theory is under the belief that we, as a primal, evolving race, killed them off because we both wanted the same resources(fruit, area, females, ect.). Being more intelligent, we had the advantage.
    The other common theory is that we mated with them to a point where our species were fused.
    But evolution is awesome!

  2. hi thank you for your comment, dose any one know what stimulates the cells to evolve if that makes sense? i know envoirment forces the changes but how dose it start? In a discussion i had recently on talkshoe (can listen to it here if interested or click the talkshoe widget at the top right on this page and select water to evolution) i speculated whether as the environment changes the chemicals in the plants and food change which triggers the cells in our body to change causing us to evolve added to that that its the females who subconsciously decide what male would produce the best children for the next generation. Is this close at all as i've never seen a explanation appart from the fact that we do evolve.


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