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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Why not just trust us?

For the first time in known history every man, woman and child has a voice thanks to the internet.  How long this freedom is going to last is unknown as already websites are being restricted from public access or are being removed.  Should this be allowed? Should we have someone removing the sites altogether for our so called protection? Isn’t it just a case of you only find it if you are indeed looking for it in the first place.  I think it’s down to the parent to restrict content for their children not the provider but i don’t think as adults we should have items restricted  for us.

 But is that just asking for trouble, of course it is we would be bombarded with all sorts of content wouldn’t we? Terrorist organizations spreading propaganda, companies targeting us for the latest product well at least that is what we are lead to believe.  Would that really happen? There’s bound to be sites that will be posted up with content that someone somewhere will not want to see but as with most things on the internet you only really come across those sites if you are pointed in the direction of them in the first place. So maybe in that case it’s not the internet that should be restricted but the methods used to advertise and to promote the sites.  Mainstream news in my opinion seems to be the biggest problem in publicizing things we shouldn’t be seeing. Like moths to a flame if told we shouldn’t look at something you can be sure we will. 

So what can be done the media is all ready monitored and some say used to direct out attentions for the gains of others.  If you’re going to restrict the media then you would also have to restrict all the social messaging sites and networks.  Practically everyone would have to be monitored to stop malicious content from being spread is this really what we want? 

Why not just trust us leave the content where it is allow us the freedom to be exposed to whatever we may find just please don’t force it upon us. In my experience of social networking people filter the content themselves and only pass on what they feel the majority would want to hear. The only time news stories get attention is if there has been a wrong doing or a injustice like the Mp’s expenses for an example and then usually this is passed on in the form of a joke.  Its hiding content in that makes things powerful look at how many books were made best sellers just from being banned. 

 Let everyone have a voice, a freedom to express themselves any which way they can. Let them be crude, rude nasty and nice and quite simply If you don’t like something don’t look at it and please defiantly never ever pass it on!

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