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Friday, 24 December 2010

Truth will set you free hopefully, or at least point you to some new friends.

The truth always floats to the surface eventually no matter how much shit it is buried under, sometime's it might need a little bit of help with the metaphoric spade but generally it manages fine on its own.

For the paranoid among us the internet is wonderful resource as no longer do you have to physically exert yourself trawling through books or travelling vast distances to find evidence to convince yourself and others that your not mad after all,

or at least not alone in your madness.

You can now find evidence for almost anything with a few badly spelt search terms and a click of the mouse. Even completely un connected pages of information with a bit of  imagination can be shoe horned to fit the most far reaching of conspiracies and beliefs.  A bit of creative licence is fine and i quite support it as longs as it isn't written to imply it is true. The internet is bulging with half truths it is becoming far to much like main stream media where it is harder and harder to get away from the forced lies and deceit. Stories are buried as fast as they come out and top sites are no longer top because of the amount they have been viewed but rather buy how much was spent to advertise them near the top. So how do we get to the bottom of it? Restrict use edit and censor all information before it comes out? I don't think it matters! if information is restricted in one form like graffiti it will just show up on a slightly higher wall or harder to reach place. It seems the only good thing censorship dose is to persuade people to become more creative in there methods of getting it out there. Banning books only made them best sellers and more sought after and encrypting data only makes more people curious to what is encrypted. A old friend once told me that locks and keys were only designed to keep the honest people out. if someone really wants it they will get it so why not minimise the damage and leave the dam door open after all if there’s truth to be found its only matter of time before someone else opens it for you.

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