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Friday, 17 December 2010

Proposed new year's resolution

What is reality, quite simple put it is whatever you perceive it to be.  To cause change within your reality you first have to realize that a problem exists, once it has been identified then comes the task of understanding it.

Realization is the key to understanding.

If each person actively concentrated on a problem that was directly affecting them rather than worrying about things which they have no control over change I would hope start to happen.  The best way explain this would be to imagine a street in an ordinary town.  The street looks run down each house needs repair and their gardens look messy.   If one person goes out and tidies up there house, the chances are their neighbour would do the same. Before you know it you would have a whole street of nice and tidy houses. By dealing and getting your own house in order it has hopefully inspired and motivated everybody else to do the same. 

 Anything you perceive to be a problem is in your mind and is in effect your problem.  Not everyone perceives the same things.  What you see is a problem might not be for someone else.  You have probably watched hundreds of news stories through out the day on a variety of issues from your own country and around the world, but i expect there is only a few that you can actually remember.  The media delivers a good mix of stories which you can do nothing about.  This causes disassociation from your fellow man and isolates you, which in turn makes you feel powerless.  If you believe the media the only way you could help in any way is by donating what little money you have to the cause. Sadly this is usually the only reason they bring attention to the problem in the first place. 

 The truth of the matter is you are powerful and you can make a difference and you can start by getting yourself to deal with the problems that you personally have identified and that you have the ability to fix.  Don’t leave it or wait for someone else as the chances are they haven’t even noticed it.  Write that letter of complaint, cut that over grown hedge, move that litter it all helps however small.  If you take pride in where you live other people will do too.  The more things get fixed by the people the less will have to be paid out to companies that charge over the top prices to the government for their services.  Make this your new year’s resolution and hopefully the next lot of cuts will be in what we pay out in taxes and not cuts in our needed services. 


  1. Be careful, that might get stolen by David Cameron for his big society.. it sounds very similar to his idea.
    I personally think there are some things you can do and should, but there are also a lot of things we PAY the government to do and they are trying to get out of it by using the big society as an excuse.

  2. I don’t mind he can use it for a small royalty fee lol! Society should be like that anyway shouldn’t it? Not be made into a buzz word like it’s a new idea and be promoted as a way of saving money so the government can get out of their responsibilities. Do you think we have become too lazy and reliant on the government services? Their dose seems to a service for the most menial tasks nowadays.


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