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Sunday, 12 December 2010

M.A.N project the device

Creating the MAN drones wasn’t as difficult as speculated the hardest part in the process was enabling them to work, live and function together.  Because of the native DNA used from the primitive Earth species we found the first drones to be aggressive and lacking in the ability to function as a collective. If they were going to be used as war drones this wouldn’t be a problem as individually each drone showed very promising results when left to its own devices.
Rather than giving up all together and starting again by splicing another native species we decided to look at the root cause of the social issues the Man drones had developed.  The solution it turns out was related to personality, or more the lack of. The native primitives were very family orientated and lived in communities; they had a ridged social structure which we found was very similar to the primitive Ur (wolf) of the planet. But that level of social structure takes centuries to develop which is time we don’t have if we want to keep the project to the set schedule. So another way had to be found.  The answer though not perfect turned out to be surprisingly simple.
Because only a few samples of the DNA we took actually spliced well with our own we were ending up will basically a lot of copies. Each copy shared essentially the same emotions and thoughts, each drone when faced with a problem sought the solution the same way which caused conflict. We needed a way to create perspective and encourage imagination and thought. 
By splitting the brain into two half’s and giving dominance to one side or another meant that no two drones were the same. When we placed the first two together it was immediately clear by their non aggressive more curious stance that we had found a solution.
As we had only 12-13 different samples we had to divide the brains up still further in to different key strengths as to insure a larger collective group would function amicable together and that each individual would feel useful within the group so as not to feel alienated.   The difficulty was regulating it so that if as has been known with this species you have multiple births’ you didn’t get two or more children with the same personalities.  In the laboratory electric shock on the new born achieved the setting of the personality but out in the wild this would of course not be possible.
The brain segments  could be programmed to activate via the mother but we needed a way to insure that later on down the line when the population grows  and more drones are born at the same time. that you didn’t have too many of the same types excisting in one area.    The idea that was put forward and was eventually used was called, astrologically dictated personality or A.D.P for short. 
A.D.P worked like a clock (a biological clock) each passing moment gave a different pattern to the developing brain. Whatever the pattern is when the child is born and conscious it is then set for life. To ensure the biological clock stays in sync it is kept in check by the movement of the stars in their  own solar system or rather the background electromagnetic field they create, which although weak creates minute fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field which in turn is sensed subconsciously by the Childs mother.  The stars were found to be the most reliable source due to the obits unlikely changing in the time we need.  The close proximity of their moon also found to help simulate natural rhythms which other unmanaged evolved species can do without help.
A Device will be left with the guides who are overseeing the initial stages of the drone’s integration on earth. This will help them determine population control so if one type becomes dominate in a area they can use the device to predict the next generation and if need be manipulate it. Attached is the finale design for the device please let me know if you require any further functions to it or changes to be made.

May you do well in your endeavours!
M.A.N project overseer

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