Friday, 19 November 2010

who's going to write the bible?

A man not unlike you or me busies himself in his workshop. every once in a while the almost silent workshop trembles from sounds made beyond our control. Chaos has broken out it is the end of the world. People are panicking. They Knew it was coming but it is too late nothing could be done to save the earth.
Another tremble as the earth shakes, a new sound is herd in the distance as a building somewhere crashes to the ground. The man sighs, cant stop now the end is getting close. On the floor of the modest workshop a coffin like object bristling with all the latest gadgets of the new era lays waiting for its occupant .

Another crash then a bang, sounds like the human race is trying a last ditch attempt on saving this forsaken planet. But alas the damage is done the sky is red and the air is thick it wont be long now.

The man satisfied that the adjustments have been done grabs a few items off his work bench and makes is way over to the coffin. Closer inspection shows that it is made out of some type of metal and sits on tracks that lead out into the yard. These tracks then plummets deep into the earth via a hole which must have taken a very determined man a long time to dig.

In the distance a church bell is herd reacting to the hot trembling earth. Another clap of thunder. It is time. satisfied that his work is done the man opens and climbs into the coffin reaching over to a discreet keypad he initiates the start up programmes. Their is nothing more he can do. the lid closes, he lays back and cries.

The coffin begins to move along its predetermined path, out of the workshop across the yard and into the depths of the earth.

Another crash another boom. the earth fragments into space, buck shooting the moon to pieces and littering up its once happy home.

Silence. the absence of time passes. Unseen forces though not unknown begin to come into effect. Fragments of the doomed planet start to feel these forces there speed decreases . Slowly they get pulled back towards the void they had left. One by one they fill the space force acting on force creates heat , slowly they begin to join. out of the turmoil a new planet is taking shape.

deep inside one of the many solid rock fragments its occupant sleeps reliant on the technology his once great race created. The absence of time and atmosphere holds his frozen state. oblivious.

Oceans form, weather patterns settle. A new world is formed. Organic materiel also trap within the new world from the old start to sense the stabilizing environment . Seeds and hardy simple life forms get washed free by the new waters. Trapped in there DNA is the information they need to survive. It contains the history of all what there generations have lived through and what's gone before, That knowledge is now going to find its reason for being. Realizing the conditions are stable and within survivable limits the new dead planet becomes a home and time begins once more.

The years pass from the simple begins evolution has taken hold the once small life has become bigger, more adapt. similar in some ways to what u would have recognised before but different in the fact that due to the new environment that lacks a single moon subtle changes are noticed. A lot sooner than before  due to human code buried deep in this new life's DNA . Man begins to walk once more.

The tide turns, and creeps back from the beach. In the newly exposed rock and sand something glistens. Trapped in the rock with just a part exposed something metal lies in wait. Rain begins to fall. a buzzing is herd. A small sensor on the exposed metal awakes, detecting the sun analysing the rain it begins to send commands. Birds launch into the sky as a high pitch sound splits the rock in two. the coffin is free.
Inside a man stirs. life support systems have done there job they are no longer needed blood is once again circulating around a once dormant corpse.

The man fully refreshed and full of remembrance on what has gone before steps forth into the new world. Armed with only  a diary of knowledge and data speed loaded from the Internet days before earths end.  His bible as its affectionately called. A reference on the past to assist future of the new man kind. He better work fast knowing that his life expectancy wont be much longer than before. So much to explore so much to teach so little time. With out a good foundation of knowledge he knows the same events might happen again. Same as his father had told him what his father before had said.

Of course not all of the original earth came back together, like a giant flower the universe was seeded. Other planets yet to be discovered greatly received earths produce and in turn also became a home. 

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