Saturday, 27 November 2010

the man project secret document

We have found a planet not to far away which we hope will be suitable for our direct  habitation in around 200,000 of the planets years. This is equal to around 500 of our own. There is plenty of resources though currently we will need assistance to breath there air as it is currently too rich in oxygen and only consumable by the M.A.N drones.

Although there has been a lot of controversy about the use of Man in this project the collective feel it will be the fastest way to get the planet ready for our transfer. Since there original deployment they have now have fully evolved and are working at full capacity to create the conditions needed for our survival. They have created habitation complexes, infrastructure  and have practically removed most species that are dangerous to us including the dreaded dodo, which ran rife on this planet for so long. The water isn't acid enough yet but they are only a few years away from improving it.

The question of what will happen to man after the project has finished is still a big issue some think that due to the greenness and our slowly polluted atmosphere we should bring some of them here to try and rectify it. Though some do say it is too far gone and we are fast approaching a time where we will struggle to live. Some drones due to the DNA mix will have evolved enough to live and work among us they will be use full to continue to mange the area's of the planet which for some years will still be uninhabitable by us.  The majority will of course die out  due to the Atmospheric changes they have created for us, This we feel is the most humane way (pardon the pun).

Don't worry they will be un-aware of our design  and believe it is all there own doing. Now they have put all the computer systems in place and have begun writing the instruction manual for the planet it shouldn't belong before our scientist have all the data they need and can start making the arrangements for our transport. Due to their great work we now have full access with the planets systems due to one of the link satellites recently coming into range of our own communications network. You can monitor the Mans progress of the  planet change,  Sadly due to the distance involved across space and having only one satellite in range at the moment they are restricted to only 140 characters in length for there communication but its fascinating non the less. That's all for now i will try to update again soon..

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