Friday, 19 November 2010

Crop circles Fake??

Take a image that you would like to display in a field. Nothing too complicated and preferably made up with very defined lines. Recreate that image on tracing paper. Take 1 GPS system that displays the path as you walk. Garmen GPS as example. Though GPS on a laptop is better due to larger screen.. stick your tracing paper over the screen. Enter the field that you wish to recreate image. Using the plank technique walk the field following your design. lit by the GPS system as you walk your path will be highlighted. Follow your pattern as closely as possible, watching out for holes. this is easy to do at night, though ensure that screen is covered to avoid being noticed once again easily done by cardboard tape round the outer edges. then with a bit of luck you will have a nicely formed crop circle.

If crop circles aren't real how come strange electrical effects have been noticed with some circles, and a swelling of the nodes on the stalks? A circle is usually formed at night during the spring and summer .The corn around the circle is untouched but the corn inside is laid flat against the floor usually in a spiral pattern. Could it be because of the level of protection the laid corn gets from the wind etc. by the standing corn ,that when the sun comes up the earth beneath the corn heats up. all the water in the stalks would evaporate off leaving a residue and a swelling. Could also where the ground has been baked turn the circle into a kind of a giant satellite dish reflecting any radio or electrical waves that are present from our own day to day communication . A person who then walks into the circle with there receiver would notice a increase in radio noise, as they make there way from the standing corn into the centre circle. the standing corn wouldn't reflect as much and due the grounding effect the observer would become like a giant Ariel enhancing all radio waves present. this would sound like a increase in white noise. Also the person being the tallest thing in the field would also ad to this effect. Could this be likely?

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