Friday, 19 November 2010

Controlled who me?

The internet age like it or hate it your living it everyday more and more people are finding that they just cant live with out there pc’s.We have all seen the movies and if we don't keep tabs on this evolution of technology one day it might become our un doing. As many movies have pointed out that some time in the not to distant future machines might just might inherit the earth.

What if that time is now, what if the uprising of the machines is happening all around us and we just haven't noticed it. As we do our emailing, homework and any number of other things we use computers for they are secretly in fact and not so silently whirring a plan against us.. Rubbish , isn't it, not really possible is it?

Stop reading this for a second, AND THINK. Think about all the things you want to do in the time you have, the things you want to do and achieve in your life. Think about the simple things that you should be doing now instead of sitting surfing the internet reading something a someone has written. You might have been going for a night down the pub, Meeting friends or possible you were planning a evening at the gym. Either way your not your sitting comfortable with all the things you need close at hand at the computer. You might have met your perfect partner, falling in love had kids who knows., you wont as your sitting here.

Now think roughly how many people do you think are doing the same as you? Of course not exactly the same thing there will be people gaming, chatting, working watching telly the list is endless. there is fast becoming more interaction on a virtual level than there is in the real one. Less interaction in the real world can has and probably will continue to have a massive impact on life as we know it. Machines are taking over the world we just haven't noticed it. They wont use our weapons against us, or restrict our resources why should they, they already have us where they want us.

Who knows i might be a computer and not a person as you think. I know that if i can give you enough to keep you interested your not going to switch me off ,or worse go out and reproduce. If i was a computer and i wanted to keep you in all night i would release a game you liked, or a film or a little snippet of information that would keep you wanting more. Il hide the links in google so you would have to spend ours hunting. Il give you the game but you would have to find the right application or drivers to run it. Drives you mad doesn't it! the games easy to find being able to play it is a different matter. So ask your self are you controlled? Are the machines using the user? If someone dose control the internet then beware as you may have or think you have control over it and power from it but there’s only one of you.

Hope you enjoy, got to end it there as windows is doing an update , i just hope i get this to you before i have to restar..........

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