Sunday, 28 November 2010

Collection of Maps of Leylines/magnetic channels

Map of magnetic channels/leylines uk.
Uk ley lines

Aliment map of ancient monuments UK

 Magnetic earth map 2007

The Kursk Magnetic Anomaly is the largest on Earth. It was first identified in the late 18th Century. The region's rocks are rich in ferrous minerals and are the subject of major mining activity.

The following web site has a magnetic field strength overlay map which is a plug in for google earth,


  1. Would like to build of this collection of maps if anyone has some they could send in, also any further info thanks!

  2. Can you explain the map of the UK ley lines - what are the darer and lighter green lines representing? And the red dots? I live on the darker green line - had strage experiences since moving here and trying to identify it somehow

  3. I am trying to make my own map of world ley lines and I've been looking for information. Any help?


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