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Friday, 19 November 2010


Wiki on Chemtrails

If you haven't herd of the chemtrail phenomena then please click the link above for the wiki. I wont go into the description or the science of chemtrails il leave that to the more educated, i really just want to draw attention to them and discuss the possibilities of them being actually real. I mean a covert Government ops spraying something from planes really!!

Could they really get away with doing  something like without any number of people finding evidence of toxins in water supplies and on land.

Evidence has been found!! any number of chemtrail searches on google will bring up pages of evidence support the fact of chem trails existence i just cant tell which are true or which are lies can you? Could we put together a home kit of equipment that someone who fears being sprayed from above could use to find out for sure. Below is a few idea's i have for such a kit.

Chemtrail discovery kit!

  1. Ph testing kit! if you think chemicals are polluting your airspace i expect one of these could be use full. Stick a bowl of distilled water in your back yard, test its ph then leave it to stand in the open air on a day when the planes are most active. Test Ph over a period of time and note any changes. Soil ph meter could also be as use full but u would need to have a before spray sample.
  2. Telescope, binoculars! Planes have tail numbers if you see a suspicious plane get the telescope on it also note down the time and direction of its travel. I've met a few plane spotters who do this for a hobby even if you cant see the number you will get a better idea of the type of plane or any other identifying marks. Most planes are tracked, flight tracker you can even use a  google earth plugging to see what flights are near you at any given time.
  3. Camera phone with GPS, or just a camera! See a chemtrail being produced get a picture of it, if you have a smart phone with a GPS function you can log the time and position. Post pictures here along with time and dates, That way we should see how common this is.
Anymore idea's for the list?

Here are some links to other sites that cover the subject, Also check you tube for video's on the subject.

msg if you think we should discuss this subject!

Look forward to reading any thoughts!

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