Friday, 19 November 2010

Black hole! Random thought.

"If there was a black hole in the center of our universe then are we heading towards it? Could the climate change be a result not so much of the so called green house gases but down to the earth getting compressed ever so slightly by the gravitational changes as we move towards the singular

A slowly compressing earth would explain a lot of the environmental changes that are going on at the moment, It would also give a better explanation to why the tectonic plates shift the way they do, random earth quakes and volcanic eruptions. The sunspots might also be explained, as the sun would also be heading towards the hole too, as the gas giant gets compressed the plumes would be released. is the earth getting smaller? Would we actually be able to tell or dose the black hole also compress the space around us making it impossible to tell unless we were outside our own space. Like to hear some thoughts on this!"

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  1. i believe the universe is within the vacume center of the black hole singalarity of what we belive is our center is point of singalarity, our sun to like earth are result of compressed matter orbiting blackhole center, just as our human body is condenced enery matter around our own inner quantum singalarity within our heart or central chakra point, each black hole gives off its own unified megnetosphere, our aura, or earths ionasphere, or suns magnetosphere are absorbing and emiting energy in a cycle that is gearing up for an alinement of galactic poles.


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